G S L - Trucking Perfection

Gestión de Servicios Logísticos Silla was established in 2008 with the intent to meet the needs of perishable goods supply customers throughout Europe who have relied on the experience and the work of many years in the logistics sector of our managers.

Our goal is to ensure the quality of service, ie compliance with the requirements of customers, to give them greater competitive advantage. Doing it at a lower cost can improve the profit margin of products. And to achieve this by ensuring the safety, environmental friendliness, the work ethic. These three parameters are used to explain the strategic nature of the logistic function in companies.


  • - Cold Chain Logistics.
  • - Intermodal Transport.
  • - Integration SCM.
  • - Project Logistics.

  • - Spain
  • - Norway
  • - Portugal
  • - Sweden
  • - Denmark
  • - Benelux
  • - Italy
  • - United Kingdom