We are experts in Business Logistics

GSL Silla's fundamental mission is to bring the right products at the right place at the right time and in the desired conditions, contributing as much as possible to the profitability of our customers.

GSL Silla is a specialist in the logistics of perishable goods

Our customers have avaliable the service of expert managers, people who really care about the state of their products.

Cold Chain Logistics
Over ten years experience in transport, storage and distribution of products under controlled temperatures.

Integrated SCM

The level of integrated Managemeng Supply Chain determines the final service to the consumer.
Intermodal Transport
The choice of the best means for each section of the logistics chain joins the economic and environmental advantages.

Project Logistics

The specific logistics planning for each individual customer makes a difference to our success.

New Service

Intermodal transport from Portugal - Spain - Norway.

Perishable goods transported under temperature control in a trimodal way:

  • - Rail
  • - Ship
  • - Road

Meeting the most demanding transit times, controlling costs and reducing emissions to a minimum.